Terms of Use

Makeyaar commits to building bridges between people who are halfway across the globe. It is also deeply interested in building communities and assists in businesses attaining prosperity. The terms mentioned below elaborate on your use of the features, products, and technologies of Makeyaar.

Our services

We strive to close gaps between different communities and ensure the smooth communication between all using the latest technology. We work earnestly to make sure that you have a great customized experience. Our main aim is to use the data you provide to aid you in connecting with people, separated due to geographical barriers.

We also encourage you to share your work, talents and thought with us as nothing bonds people more than similarities. Moreover, we also care about the content that is published here and promise to take action against animosity and intentional hate. We also conduct researches so that we can improve our site.

The funding for our services

We don't charge you for using Makeyaar, but by agreeing to these terms, you are giving us permission to show you specific ads. These ads are sponsored and are one of the chief ways we run the site. We assure you that we do not use your personal data, nor do we give it to anyone without your explicit permission. It also means that we display certain ads for you to see without letting know the advertiser your identification. We ask them about specific terms and provide reports of the performance only.

Guidelines that must be followed

We hope to build a more connected community through Makeyaar. However, it requires you to follow certain guidelines:

  • Must not use a false name to create accounts
  • Must be above the legal age in the country you live
  • Must provide precise personal details

You must not be disabled or prohibited to use our services due to any previous terms of use violations.

We encourage you to express yourself on Makeyaar but not without keeping in mind the moral integrity and safety of the community. Furthermore, you must give us permission to update the software, usage of your name, and information in context to sponsored ads and content.

Additional stipulations

Our main goal is to make Makeyaar a place where you do not have to worry about your safety. As such, we reserve the right to terminate or suspend temporarily or permanently your account if you are found to be breaking our guidelines. We will let you know the reason for our actions before doing so. Our team works earnestly to ensure that you get the best services possible. Unfortunately, it means updating our terms at times. We also do not claim liability for any ads that are shown to you on Makeyaar.

More polices that may be applicable to you

There are various other policies that can apply to your account, post, or content.

  • Advertising Policies: These specify the types of content that can be put in an ad for it to be advertised here.
  • Community Payment Policies: These policies have to be maintained if you make a payment via Makeyaar
  • Commercial Policies: These policies apply if you use us for any commercial purpose.