About makeyaar.com
Makeyaar.com is a Indian social network website where you can make friends!

About us

Makeyaar is a unique social media website that is dedicated to bringing different communities together. It was founded by the enigmatic brother-sister duo Ravi Kumar and Indu Bala. The genius concept struck them when they were bundled together during the lockdown, which was initiated due to the pandemic. Feelings of boredom, agitation, brilliant idea, and lots of spare time led to the foundation of Makeyaar in 2020. The main motive was to launch an Indian social media platform integrated with several features that would satisfy the social needs of the people of India.


We, at Makeyaar, are motivated to become one of the biggest social media platforms in India. The Atmanirbhar concept has been a big inspiration for us. We are not only interested in bonding people across communities globally but are also deeply involved in helping businesses grow.

We aim to create a positive and productive environment where people can feel safe from the malicious intentions of unsavory people. At times like the raging pandemic, the platform will serve to make sure that families, friends and closed ones remain in contact.

Why join us?

Amidst distressing times that the pandemic has brought upon us, shocking news seems to keep on piling. The decision of the Indian government to ban Tiktok and many other Chinese applications was a kind of revelation to us. We realized that we didn't really seek to develop an Indian social media platform before.

Moreover, further talks of Chinese attacks and breaches in data security led us to confusing but terrifying thoughts. It was difficult to imagine that your personal content or information was being used by unknown people for unknown reasons. It made us want to develop an Indian platform that would no doubt be absolutely secure, strongly.

Following the absolutely beautiful l concept of Atmanirbhar, we decided to launch a social media website that would have the same benefits as other foreign websites, yet still be truly an Indian product. It is finally time to launch a platform that can fulfill the basic social needs of Indians without having to rely on products from outside.

In such tumultuous times, we can never be too sure of what we are using or who is using the opportunity to spy on us. To get rid of this feeling of utter hopelessness and insecurity, we have developed Makeyaar. We must boycott all foreign social media platforms and encourage the ones that are launched in India.

Here, you can bond with your family and friends who are close and also with those you have long lost contact with. It will also give you the opportunity to know strangers and make them friends if you want. We are also motivated to encourage our community to grow in a peaceful environment.

However, what we won't tolerate is feelings of hate and harmful content that are intentionally posted to create chaos and unruliness.  In that case, we assure you that we will take the necessary actions and do everything possible to make the environment safe for you again.